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July 23, 2013

Every Rose Has Its Thorn

July 23, 2013

Here We Go Again!

July 23, 2013
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This will be my view for the coming days, as we get ready to go here, here, and here.

We don’t leave for awhile yet, but packing for a family of five takes awhile.

Got any stellar packing tips for me?



  1. i am the worst packer. i should come back later and read everyone’s tips! i am the queen of overpacking because you just never know!! especially when it comes to shoes and the kids!

  2. I put each complete outfit in a ziplock including sock, undies, accessories, etc. That way if you did through the suitcase it doesn’t get all messed up and out of order. I reuse the ziplocks for each trip. :)

  3. Define a while?? I usually pack the day before (or the day of!) I leave for any trip (whether it’s a few hours drive or a continent away), but in all fairness I’m only packing for myself, not a family. Not sure if I could offer any useful tips, but I do always make a list and refer to it as I go!

  4. My friend and I were just in Door County two weeks ago and it’s wonderful! Fish Creek has some great shopping and The White Gull Inn has amazing Stuffed French Toast for breakfast. Have a great time!

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