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January 28, 2014

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January 28, 2014

WR – Fitness Series – Zumba mami!

January 28, 2014
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Welcome back to the Wild Ruffle Fitness Series.

Now it’s time to dance, my friends.

Dance has always been a great love of mine and when I found out it was considered a workout… I said, Sign me up!

We brought on our ZUMBA Mami, Katie Loehlein {training out of Prior Lake, MN} to give you the low-down on this style of dance-fitness.


If the other posts in our Fitness Series didn’t get you pumped up, this one will.


I’ll let Katie tell you her story… because I couldn’t have said it better myself!

“If you’re looking for an amazing, heart pounding, addicting workout, all the while moving your body to the hottest music from around the world, then ZUMBA just may be the fit for you!  What exactly is ZUMBA?  It’s the Latin-inspired, easy-to-follow, calorie-burning dance-fitness party.

I discovered ZUMBA shortly after having my 3rd baby, when my body was a little (or a lot) squishy and in need of shedding those extra baby pounds.  I had always loved group fitness classes, but wasn’t totally dedicated and never saw amazing results (could it be that when we were told to use 10 lb weights, I always cheated and picked up the 5 lb weights instead?).  Whatever the reason, the classes I chose to go to felt more like a “chore” and found that I was “dragging” myself to the gym most days.

But that all changed when I took my booty to a ZUMBA class!  This was the dance-fitness party that I never knew I needed!  I was hooked and I began to crave going to ZUMBA classes!  I couldn’t get enough of the hot, authentic moves…the way my post-baby body moved to the hard beats of the addicting music!  I thought to myself, “I still got IT!  This mama still has the MOVES!”

If you’ve never been to a ZUMBA Fitness class, it’s one of the happiest places.  And it’s not just the endless smiles that give it away…it’s something more, something tangible…you can “feel” it.  Then, what’s even better than being around dance-fitness fanatics such as myself, are the RESULTS!  My body began to change and those extra baby pounds melted away.  And then even more physical changes came when I decided I wanted “in” on this fitness party and became a licensed instructor.  My body transformed in a positive way that I never knew it could. From the Merengue, Salsa, Cumbia, and funky Reggaeton rhythms (just to name a few), EVERY part of the body is engaged.  Did you know that 1 hour in a ZUMBA class can burn anywhere between 600 and 1000 calories?  Now THAT is an hour well-spent!

Stop dragging yourself to the gym and dreading your workouts this year.  Leave all your inhibitions at the door and get your booty shakin’ on over to a ZUMBA class near you. It’s time to feel the music and let loose…”Ditch the workout and join the party!”


…and here’s me… talk about Dance Like No One’s Watching… yikes!

This is what ZUMBA On The Beach does to a lady.


Try it!  You’ll love it or at least it’ll make you smile!  I promise!

You can’t tell me this picture doesn’t make you laugh at least a little.  I look ridiculous right?!  But I’m known for being ‘lost in the song’ during class!  Ha!

PLUS how often can you burn mega calories while laughing your head off!  Gotta love that!

Katie is a licensed ZUMBA Fitness Instructor and rocks it out for 3 clubs; Lifetime Fitness in Savage, Eden Prairie Community Center, and Dakota! Sport & Fitness.



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