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June 18, 2014

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June 18, 2014

Thank you Uncle Ron

June 18, 2014
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Nautical stripes, color beads

Back in my younger college days, I was into thrifted denim.  It definitely wasn’t mainstream thinking at the time but I had a friend that I thought was totally cool.  She had beat-up Levi’s and I wanted some just the same.

One weekend I was visiting my grandparents and my Uncle Ron’s old bedroom was mine for the night.  Humm.. what’s in this drawer?  said my inquisitive mind.  {btw I would never riffle through someone else’s drawers now.  I’m blaming this crime on immaturity.}  Sweet!  An entire drawer full of old Levi’s!  Score one for the poor college student!  I proceeded to snag a pair.  Cut them off.  And strut around in my new distressed boyfriend shorts.

I mean, he obviously didn’t want them because he moved out and left them behind, right?  Doesn’t the Finder Keepers Rule come into play at some point?

I’m so sorry Ron!  But whew, I feel much better getting this off my chest!

Now skip ahead to present time.  I still have these shorts tucked away with my summer gear.  I’ve refused to let them go throughout all of these years {more years than I’d care to admit}.  It may be the guilt of never coming clean about my sticky fingers or because I love this ol’ pair.  Either way, I tell myself, I’ve cherished these Levi’s WAY more than my Uncle Ron EVER did!

These cut off Levi’s are a pure-retro-real-deal.  My Uncle bought them new, wore the heck out of em, and passed them {unknowingly} onto a new owner, who loves them so.

I’d like to take a quick second to Thank you, Uncle Ron, for passing down your old jeans.  Maybe I’ll create a family tradition and pass them down to my girls.  We can start a Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants scenario ~family style.  This sentimental girl can only dream.  ;-)  j/k I do realize it’s a pair of old baggy denim shorts we’re talking about here.

Boyfriend shorts & stripesNautical stripes, color beadsNautical stripes with boyfriend denimnautical stripes, beaded necklace & old Levi cutoffsNaturalizer handbagboyfriend shortsBoyfriend denim shortsBoyfriend denimold Levi cutoffsTarget wedges

Striped Nautical tank – Old Navy // Basic undertank – Rue 21 // Colorful beaded necklace – Forever 21 (so old but try this one!) // Old Levi cut-offs – Uncle Ron (try thrifting a pair NOT lifting a pair!) // Sandal wedges – Target (on clearance but try this pair) // handbag c/o David Bromstad with Naturalizer 

Outfit of the day {OOTD} in action:  My daughter snapped a shot of me while running errands.  A rugged chic look for the hot summer day.

boyfriend cut-off Levis

Do you have a fashion confession to make?  Come on, dish your deepest darkest secrets!  I sure feel better now.

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  1. I had a multi-color striped tank top that I also lovingly took from that dresser and wore for quite awhile until it got some holes, so I had to let it go.

  2. I love the shorts and the story behind them! And you styled them perfectly. Those shoes are SO cute! I’m sure I need to run to Target for something today, right?

  3. I think we all did something we’re a little ashamed of back in college! But they are a great pair of shorts – and the whole look is perfect for summer. I really love those shoes too!

  4. LOVE the entire outfit!! AND the purse SWOON!!!! I want one!! Where do you find one?!?!? And the Sisterhood of the Traveling shorts sounds so fun and romantic

  5. Omg! Do you know how often I’ve longed for the contents of Ron’s old room, wondered where all of it went, & WISHED I’d lifted a bunch of stuff?! I particularly remember t-shirts… I’m not sure I fully appreciated them at the time (or let’s be honest, I’d have them in my possession, apparently stealing is genetic!). But the memory of everything in that dresser, that closet- though maaaaybe a little rosier than the reality- is pure vintage perfection. Sigh… So glad we had this talk…

    PS– They look AMAZING!! So glad you had the guts to swipe them. Sure hope Ron hasn’t been looking for his favorite pair of Levi’s all these years, checking for them in every thrift store he passes, forcing you to return them or face civil suit (I would think it’s too late to file theft charges). Haha. =)

    1. LOL! Totally pure vintage perfection… or at least the memory of them anyway. hahaha! Thanks for coming clean and admitting you too think about his old clothes. Although… it’s weird, right?

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