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July 2, 2014

Repair your hair

July 2, 2014

Cherish Every Moment

July 2, 2014
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yellow linen shorts, floral top & heels

I love my linen.  Remember I didn’t iron my pants the other day?  Well, I found with shorts, you really don’t have to!  Sweet!  Now that’s my kind of linen.

I paired them with a flowing floral tank and statement necklace.  Mint and summer mustard, not a typical mix but I loved it today.  I was able to pull off high heels with this time around because I was sipping an ice cold drink sitting back relaxing at a friend’s house.  The girls all played around our feet while we chatted about life.

Life right now; crazy, unorganized, lovely, hope-filled but not at all relaxing… so these little moments of sitting and chatting are cherished to the fullest!  We’re in the midst of moving, packing, moving, unpacking… and sandbagging at my parents’ house. More on that in a future post (are you living somewhere where the rising water is affecting your daily life??).

So I’m thankful for a few quiet moments with a friend.

What are you cherishing these days? Are you able to steal any quiet moments – or is life crazy, crazy for you too?

yellow linen shorts, floral top & heelsCasual sunlightCasual wear with statement necklaceStatement necklace & floral tankStatement necklaceYellow & mint summer duoYellow linen shorts & foral tankSimple summer linen shortsStatement necklace – clothing swap (similar) // Top & linen shorts – Von Maur (similar) // BCBG heels -Von Maur

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  1. Oh my gosh, this outfit is gorgeous! I love the mix of these two colors together. You look summery and beautiful! I feel like summertime should be relaxing, but it always seems the most busy and chaotic! I am glad you got to steal a few quiet moments amongst all the chaos and busy busy busy.

  2. Love everything about this outfit! The colors are pretty and summery and your statement necklace is amazing! Summer is always the busiest time and goes by so fast! Glad you were able to have a few minutes for yourself!


  3. I find summer is a bit crazy and hectic too, only because it seems we want to cram in as much fun stuff as possible in a short amount of time!

    I love this outfit on you, the colors are so pretty! I hope the water problems improve soon, it just needs to stop raining every other day for a bit!

  4. I wouldn’t have thought of this color combination, but love it! That’s truly when I feel best, is when I’m able to switch it up with an unexpected, but really fun combination like that. I’m glad you enjoyed your day too!!

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