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Aztec maxi

Work is fun when you get to stroll around a downtown that looks like this one!

Prior Lake is as it suggests ~ a lake town.

A quaint, lovely, little lake town.

Great shops of all kind tucked away into historical buildings giving each store instant character and class.  As I walk mainstreet, I realize how lucky I am to be living in a small town that can support small businesses.  Even the color of each door is intriguing.  You just want to stop in to see what business has a blue door??

Maybe that is why I’m passionate for small businesses and hand made items.  The love and devotion that gets poured into small businesses is immeasurable.  Anytime you can walk down the street and smile at everyone you meet ~ you know you’re in the right place.  I’m kinda making it sound like Mr.Roger’s Neighborhood aren’t I?

Our next Pop Up Shop has been ‘summer-fied’!  We couldn’t be more excited to try something new.  Like shut down Main Avenue and have a Pop Up Market!  Bringing all the handmade/small business goodies outdoors!  Super cool right?

I wore my Aztec maxi on our impromptu meetings with some of the downtown shops.  Easy breeeezzy.  {FYI.. I can’t hold up a strapless dress all day…so I’m forced to cheat with an undertank.  :-(  Not the best look~ purely practical for my less-endowed upper body.}

And as Cate mentioned here… we have gotten over feeling ridiculous having our photos taken anywhere, everywhere, and at anytime.  Now we just laugh and move on with our day.  A blogger’s life.  What else can you do?  So if you see us; just smile and wave.

Aztec maxi Aztec maxi Aztec maxi Aztec maxi Aztec maxi Aztec maxi Aztec maxi Aztec maxi Aztec maxi

Von Maur Aztec maxi dress (similar) ~~ Earrings (similar) ~~ Murano glass necklace from my vacation there ~~ The Vintage Gypsy sunnies ~~ Forever 21 Crossbody handbag (I like this one too)~~ Brown Leather wedges (similar)

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous maxi dress for Summer. I love it so much. That fringe crochet Summer bag is awesome too and goes together with the dress and brown sandals, very well. =)

    Would love for you to stop by and see my latest. Thanks, Ada. =)

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  2. That dress is gorgeous and the doors you took pics in front of are PERFECT! I love the sound of this small town – one day when I return to the states that’s the kind of place I want to live.

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