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January 15, 2015

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January 15, 2015

Will I Get Ridiculed?

January 15, 2015
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Bora Bora Four Seasons

I’m not sure how this will be received but I’m spilling it anyway.

My husband and I have just decided to skip a romantic vacation alone.

Why? Not because we don’t love each other. Not because we don’t need time away from it all to reconnect. And Not because we don’t have childcare available to us.

We are happily celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary in April and had glorious plans to take an extended vacation to some place amazing. The last few weeks months I’ve been researching and harassing basically everyone on the street just to find the most romantic — non touristy — vacation destination. So far I’d narrowed it down to Bora Bora or Hawaii. Both lovely. Bora Bora/Tahiti being the most inviting. Because, come on, bungalow over the water?! Heaven.

Bora BoraBora Bora Four Seasons

Why haven’t I booked it yet? The amount of time it takes to get there? Yes kinda.

The amount of money to travel there? Aaaa yep.

But mostly we were stopped in our vacation-booking-tracks when a tragedy bulldozed our friends last weekend. A tragedy that makes you think about every moment of every day. A tragedy that made us realize we would rather vacation as a family and carve out private mommy/daddy time within that same get-away. Sharing both cuddles with our littles and cuddles with each other is what appealed to us the most.

Jason and I were shocked and relieved we shared the exact same thought. Neither had hurt feelings in this decision! Sweet. I love when we are all on the same page and the world is as it should be. Whew!

My immediate next thought was, “Will I be ridiculed?” Will my friends and family not understand our feelings of wanting to be with the girls on what was to be our “romantic rendezvous”?

Now don’t misunderstand me, I’m all about alone time and date night with my man. I cherish the moments and believe it’s completely necessary to stay connected as a team. I still completely love and adore this guy I do life with! So, is it wrong that I want to spend my 20th Anniversary with my husband and the three girls we pour our hearts and souls into? I don’t know and I guess I don’t really care. Because, we’re doing it. I’m laying it out there… we are taking an anniversary trip with our family. Humm, it still sounds strange and a little sad… but I’m excited to relax in the sun with ALL of my hunnies that the last 20 years of marriage has brought me!

Now back to square one of trip planning! Grr. While I am annoyed at the wasted hours spent on scheduling Bora Bora plane connections, I am bursting with excitement to surprise the girls with the news of our family trip!

Where should we go?

What’s your favorite family vacation? (think beach… and outside of the US please)

It’s gotta be both kid friendly yet romantic.


Thoughts or ideas?

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  1. Hawaii can be romantic, but it can also feel super touristy (I’d recommend Kauai if you’re going to go anywhere in Hawaii in the future).

    As for family friend, outside the US. I would make a strong case for Mexico. My parents started taking our family to Mazatlan when I was in the second grade and I loved it, we’ve had a time share there for 20+ years and it feels like home. (We stay at Torres Mazatlan, they have a good restaurant on site, but its not crazy or trashy). Very family friendly, and it’s condos so you can cook in your room if you want. Of course all inclusives are much more common now, so I would also look into that!

  2. When I was a teenager, my parents took us to the Grand Cayman. It is a trip I will remember forever. We rented a house (there were many to choose from) and had an amazing time. It is a trip I would do again with my own kids.

  3. I totally get this! I’m going to follow this post because our 10 year wedding anniversary is next year and we want to go someplace special and awesome too – but also bring our son. We’ve been looking at the possibility of a cruise but I’m curious as to what other suggestions are out there!

  4. We took a family vacation for our 5th year anniversary and we plan to go to Kauai, Hawaii with our family for our 10th for the same reasons you have! I guess I view our anniversary as the day that our family began, not just the date that our marriage started.

  5. Excited to hear suggestions too as we are planning a family trip outside the US…right now we are leaning towards Mexico! Happy planning!

  6. Having just celebrated our 19th anniversary–we are starting to think about our 20th. I absolutely want to go as a family! We had a fabulous spring break on the Mexican Rivera last year (flew to Cancun, stayed in Tulum, snorkeled at Xel-ha)–I can share more in person. I have heard Aruba is a very romantic/relaxing vacation spot. Wherever you choose, it will be wonderful–congratulations on 20 years!!

  7. First of all, my warmest sympathy to you regarding your friends tragedy. My thoughts are with you. I cannot begin to imagine the ways in which this must have deeply affected you. Now, about that 20th anniversary celebration (CONGRATS!) with all your lovelies and carving out time for everyone. We’ve always traveled as a family with our daughter, and it’s been amazing for all of us. The beautiful memories will multiply with your girls, and if they stayed home, you might just find yourselves talking about them non-stop anyway. So, pack up everyone! Beach, outside the U.S., not to far or too costly…hmmm… I’d suggest St. Lucia in the Caribbean. For lusciousness, romance, and family fun, it’s perfect with lots of resort and hotel options to suit your family. Our daughter made fun friends on the beach. Enjoy your 20th – it’ll be wonderful whatever you choose!!

  8. I can’t imagine anyone would ridicule you for that! I hope you find a fabulous place…I’vegot no advice. Our favorite family vacation is Breezy Point in the middle of winter!

  9. We just booked a trip to the Nassau in the Caribbean…total family vacation and 10 year anniversary:) Bora Bora sounds amazing and I would LOVE to go someday!! I have friends that have been there and they loved it but said it was really $$$ after they got there, everything has to be shipped in and the prices reflect that. These same friends go to Kauai every year. They rent a home with a pool and it sounds amazing. I think they have traveled there every spring for last 7 years and they go as a family. Good luck and enjoy!!

  10. When I was 6, my parents made the brave decision to include their children on their trip-of-a-lifetime 3 week European vacation. They have 6 kids, and my little brother (4 at the time) and I are the youngest. They really debated over taking us or not, since we were so little, but luckily they decided they should bring the whole family. I remember every detail of that trip! I remember big things like the top of the Eiffel Tower and the tour of the Colosseum, as well as small things like meals and bed sheets and even tour guide’s faces. That was likely our only international adventure together as a family and it will always be one of my most prized memories. Take your kids on your trip and be proud of it! They will cherish it forever!

  11. Not outside the US, but beach, kid-friendly, laid back gorgeous and romantic – St. John USVI. We stayed at the Westin for a few nights and then rented a house. The Westin has onsite sitters and townhouse style villas. Would recommend Villas Carribe for house rental. A must do? Day sail to Jost Van Dyke. Have fun planning wherever you choose!

  12. Have so much fun–we changed our 10 year anniversary trip from a getaway to a family trip. We’ll see if we regret that decision! ;) I’m like you–I’m really excited! Have so much fun. :)

  13. All about this! I am not about romantic trips myself so the thought of a fun family vacation to celebrate the life you’ve built together is AMAZING. Where to go….we are in the exact same boat right now! We are semi leaning towards Cabo (mostly because we’re Canadian and afraid to go anywhere south of that in Mexico! I kid. Kinda.) or the Dominican. I think.

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