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February 12, 2015

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February 12, 2015

DIY Rustic Glam Chandelier

February 12, 2015
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Rustic Glam Chandelier DIY -collage

Here’s a simple rustic glam DIY to dramatically change the look of any room in your house.DIY chandelierAll you need:

A simple chandelier

A few hundred wooden beads

Jewelry wire to match your chandelier

Scissors or wire snippers

Hundreds of wooden beadsI found an online store with a huge selection of wooden beads, giving me the options I needed to accomplish my vision. Within a few days the package was on my doorstep and I got started stringing.  Or I should say, my girls got started stringing! Cheap labor. Plus they actually kinda {kinda} enjoyed it. It’s not the worst chore they’ve ever had so they didn’t complain too much {too much}.

Fun activity for kids. Beading the wire. Making my new house a home-7Fun activity for kids. Beading the wire. Making my new house a home-8Fun activity for kids. Beading the wire. Making my new house a home-9Rustic Glam chandelier DIYRustic Glam chandelier DIY-2Here’s where I’m saving you a world of time. I made the big mistake of using random wire ribbon that I had laying around the house {blopper pics of this at the bottom}. We strung beads off and on for days. Once I strung them all up on the chandelier it didn’t give the look I’d been dreaming of. I was going to have to cover the ends with something. Thick rope was the only solution I could think of. Unfortunately that would’ve thrown my Chic Rustic Glam vibe into the Micheal’s craft-project territory. Oh No! Not what I wanted.

Humm… Am I seriously going to have to scrap all of the man hours we clocked just to get it right?

Yes. Yes I am.

So after wiping my tears, I bucked up and headed to the store for jewelry wire.

This made all the difference. The beads went on smoothly and time was no longer an issue. There would have been countless hours saved if I would’ve started with this simple {and obvious NOW} technique.

Anyhoo~ I got the wire that matched the oil-rubbed bronze chandelier we already owned.Rustic Glam chandelier DIY-15Rustic Glam chandelier DIY-4My wonderful husband drilled a few holes into the top of the fixture before he left for work one morning. {The truth is he didn’t trust me with the power tools and electricity.. humph. Rude.}

Rustic Glam chandelier DIY-8It was so simple. It just took a few hours of stringing the beads and one by one I threaded the wire strand through the tiny hole in the light fixture. I twisted and looped and twisted again. First bead strand attached and done. No need to cover up ends with rope now. The small wire disappeared into the fixture like magic.

Rustic Glam chandelier DIY-7Work your way around the fixture until you’ve added as many as you like. Careful not to add more than your chandelier can hold. We don’t want it falling down on someone later because the weight was too heavy for the original chain.

I ended up adding 25 strands of large beads and 10 strands of small darker beads. I chose 2 colors and 2 sizes to add interest and dimension. But the beauty of this is.. you get to pick the size, color and shape of beads for your chandelier!  Go nuts!

Rustic Glam chandelier DIY-9Rustic Glam chandelier DIY-10Rustic Glam chandelier DIY-12Rustic Glam chandelier DIY-11Rustic Glam chandelier DIY-13Rustic Glam chandelier DIY-14

Please note:  These dining chairs are next on my list! Change of color, rivets and fabric! Can’t wait! Stay tuned for that DIY.

By NOT doing these techniques below, you will enjoy this surprisingly easy DIY! Learn from my mistakes people, don’t use ribbon or string… only thin wire! See how badly this looked before I re-did the whole thing.

{Blooper reel}

Rustic Glam chandelier DIY-5 Rustic Glam chandelier DIY-6This is the point where they all fell off and I screamed.  I actually jumped to my camera to capture the folly. I’m weird.

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