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March 12, 2015

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March 12, 2015

Pack Like a Pro

March 12, 2015
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Pack Like A Pro -I fit all this into this

In light of spring break flying up on us, I’m dedicating this post to the art of packing.  I used to be the worst. Really. Truly.

I would pack crazy ridiculous amounts of clothes, accessories, jewelry and toiletries. Probably enough to clothe and pamper a small village for a month.

After years and years of over-packing, I’ve reluctantly come to a few conclusions.

1) I think I need options, but I don’t. When I’m packing I know what my favorites are, but then I add at least 5 more complete outfits “just in case”. Just in case what? The others’ get trampled on by a wild pack of elephants? Not likely. Then I have to launder and put them all away again when I get home. Super annoying.

2) My suitcase is too heavy to lift. I might seriously injure myself. Not good, no one wants to be in a back-brace on vacation.

3) Too much extra stuff in my bag tends to get unfolded, tossed around and wrinkled. Leaving me rummaging through my bag confused as to what to wear when I should be de-stressing. Definitely not worrying about messy clothes all over the room. Unneeded stress.

I have since decided I need to start packing like a pro. I need to figure this thing out already.

So here I go.

I just fit all of this…Pack Like a Pro{9 dresses, 8 swimming suits, 2 cover ups, 4 shorts, 10 tops & layers tanks, 2 sets of pjs, 1 sunhat, 2 light scarves, 1 heavier scarf for chilly nights, 2 flip flops, 2 wedged sandals, small toiletry bag with minimal make-up, tooth brush & paste, 2 hair brushes, 1 beachbag, 2 crossbody bags, my iphone/wallet, 3 sunglasses} … my unmentionables ;-) and jewelry roll aren’t in this pic but will be included later.  Ok ok ok, I should probably still take out about 4 shirts, 2 dresses and 2 bathing suits. We’ll see.

Into this…with room to spare.Pack Like a ProA few easy tips and tricks:

1) Obviously, know what your plans are and what the temp is. Only pack for THAT.

2) Keep it simple. Stick to the basics. And basics for me on this beachy Caribbean vacay means brightly colored swimsuits and sun dresses.

3) Keep to 1 color palate. Mix and match as many items as you can. It’s totally OK to wear an item more than once. Everyone does it. {Do as I say, not as I do on this one! I’m getting away with packing so many colors this time because they are all sundresses. No mix and matching.}

4) Add fun color pops with your jewelry and accessories.  Traveling is the time to utilize your small jewelry favorites, not your giant statement necklaces and arm-party bangles. Light scarves can roll up into tiny spaces of your bag.

5) Pack 2-3 sensible shoe choices plus 1 un-sensible just for a little excitement. You really should never need more than 3-4 pairs of shoes on vacation. Right?Pack Like a Pro6) Learn to roll E.VER.Y.THING! I’m serious. It makes a big difference. The people that do it KNOW. This little tip will change your packing life. It’s crazy the amount of space difference rolling your clothes can make. I promise. Just do it.

Pack Like A Pro - Roll it all!7) Stuff your shoes with something. Rolled garments, hair brush, small rolled handbag, etc. Using every inch of space available.

Pack Like a Pro8) Stack your bras (and bikini tops) one cup on top of each other like a tower. I guess this trick only matters if you have to wear push-up bras like I do. ;-)

Pack Like A Pro - stack your bras & bikini tops9) Only pack essential toiletry items. My plan this time is to keep make-up to a minimum. I will be loading up on moisturizer and sun block instead.

10) Limit yourself to 1-2 bags. Cross bodies are great for vacations on the go. But don’t forget a thin, crushable beachbag that can roll up and fit into the side of your luggage.Pack Like a Pro-2I hope you learned at least one new packing tip for your next trip!

Do you have any packing gems for me? I don’t leave for a few days… I could always use the extra room for souvenirs!

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  1. I use to pack nothing. Literally for a two week trip some bathinsuits, one nice dress, shorts and a shirt… and that’s basically it. Then. Last summer I ran out of clothes! So then I became an over packer… one huge suitcase for two nights!

  2. I always overpack, I hate not having choices. And then when I’m on vacation, I end up buying more! These are great tips. I suppose I need to start doing this!!!

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