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March 19, 2015

Wild About Big Announcements

March 19, 2015

Room For the Littlest Princess

March 19, 2015
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We are slowly adding bits and pieces to our new house.

The downside: my walls are still bare and echo-y. The upside to this snail pace: it’s allowing me to really ponder what I want for each room.

My latest project has been the girls’ rooms. Here’s a sneak peak into my Littlest Princess’s bedroom {the other 2 rooms are still a work in progress… we are debating wall details… difference in opinions and we’re all pretty stubborn & opinionated… just wait til they are back in school.  hehehe}

My 5 year old, Evelyn, really wanted a princess room. She has been begging for this pumpkin-bed Cinderella room I showed her on Pinterest. I mean it was crazy cool but I’m not about to construct that monstrosity of a bed with slides and such for her little bedroom this late in the game. She needed to decide on something tamer so when she changes her mind in 2 years, I don’t have to hire a team of men to disassemble her once beloved bed.

I decided on something simple yet fairytale-ish. I’m in love with all white baby bedrooms, I always have been. So dreamy, so sweet, so elegant. So the great news is that I got to recycle most of the items in this room from past bedrooms of her sisters. She did get new lights, a princess canopy and a silver chandelier. Just enough to make her feel like she is dreaming the night away in her very own castle… fit for the littlest princess.

Room Fit for the Littlest Princess-3 Room Fit for the Littlest Princess Room Fit for the Littlest Princess-2 Room Fit for the Littlest Princess-4 Room Fit for the Littlest Princess-8 Room Fit for the Littlest Princess-11 Room Fit for the Littlest Princess-5 Room Fit for the Littlest Princess-6 Room Fit for the Littlest Princess-7 Room Fit for the Littlest Princess-14 Room Fit for the Littlest Princess-15The humungous smile and sweet giddy giggles were enough for me. She absolutely loves it!  Yay!

Now sweet dreams little one.

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