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Tammy Hiveley - December 24, 2014
Holiday home decor

On this beautiful snow-less Christmas Eve, I’d like to take a moment to slow down and honor the birth of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ and talk about the Christmas Event. As some of you know, I attend River Valley Church in Savage, Minnesota (soon to be Shakopee when the new building is ready this spring). We’ve spent the last few Sundays working through a great series …

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Wisdom From Garth

Cate Mezyk - November 25, 2014

My husband recently surprised me by saying he had purchased tickets to a Garth Brooks concert. Not growing up a country music fan, I wondered if I would know any of the songs, and whether I’d really enjoy myself at the show. I gotta say – I truly did have fun. Though I didn’t necessarily know many of the words, I found myself being familiar …

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Wild About This Life

Cate Mezyk - November 14, 2014

Sometimes, the days slip by and I forget to appreciate all the little wonderful moments. But oh boy – there have been a lot of them lately. And I don’t want any more time to trickle by without stopping to acknowledge all the tiny things. There are so many big, huge, obviously awesome things happening right now (we had an amazing turnout for our Pop …

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Deeper than Fashion

Cate Mezyk - November 10, 2014

After I published last week’s post on dressing for your husband, I had some great responses that made me think. And I knew I had to write further on the topic. You see, while I do think it’s important to dress for our spouses, there’s also so much more to my marriage. To all of our marriages. I’m not suggesting that, in order to hold …

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Pity Party for One

Tammy Hiveley - November 5, 2014
Striped sweater with textured harem pants

Would the world just stop a second and let me breathe? That’s how I was feeling yesterday. I felt like I just couldn’t keep up with my life. As a mother. As a wife. As a business partner. As a friend. I felt like everyone was mad at me. I couldn’t do anything right and I was failing in every area of my life. Sometimes I want …

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Escape to a Barn

Cate Mezyk - October 27, 2014

This past weekend, both Tammy and I headed up north to the Wisconsin side of Lake Superior, for a couples only weekend getaway with friends at a beautiful renovated barn on the water. We had a fabulous time, talking about everything from food to friendship, parenting and sex, and more. And of course, we had to share some of the pictures with all of you …

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Cheers to this Crazy Life

Tammy Hiveley - October 22, 2014
Batwing sweater, booties & textured tights

Life is catching up with me and I’m feelin it.  Running non-stop lately is taking it’s toll. I’m exhausted. Last week, a few school parents and I took a group of forty 5th graders to the Eagle Bluff Environmental Center for three days of outdoor education.  While it was well worth the months of planning and organization, I am happy the trip went off without a hitch and it’s …

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Tammy Hiveley - October 15, 2014
Equestrian denim and velvet

A child’s birthday party brought me to a horse ranch last weekend. So what do you wear to a horse ranch?  Hmmm… Shucks, my leather chaps are at the cleaners. {just kidding folks} But in all seriousness, I was so bummed that the one chance I get to wear my leather riding boots actually RIDING… they are boxed up in storage. Ugh! Having 1/2 my closet …

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Black and Blue

Tammy Hiveley - October 1, 2014
Fur vest cool

Ever do something so ridiculous that you didn’t want anyone to ever know? Well, last week I did.  But short of wearing a bag over my face there was no way of hiding my stupidity.  The evidence of my misfortune was smack dab on the front of my face. Here’s the thing.  I pride myself in being able to walk in total darkness.  It’s like I’m a cat or …

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The Big Reveal

Cate Mezyk - September 25, 2014
The girls at the Urban Ruffle shop

I know we’ve been teasing you a lot lately, hinting at something big to come. It’s FINALLY time to share our amazing news – thank goodness because we simply can’t keep it to ourselves any longer. We are taking a leap, diving in, and opening up a brick and mortar shop! This is a dream that’s been in the making for as long as I …

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