Pour Some Sugar On Me

Cate Mezyk - April 7, 2015
Flatforms by Tori Burch

My son, Davis, at the ripe old age of six, has become a big time lover of music. Both of my girls like music, and can often be heard singing along to the radio. But he really LOVES it. More specifically, he really loves rock music from yesteryear. (ok, I just crazy aged myself by using the word yesteryear, but anyhoo…) Def Leppard? He digs …

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Tammy Hiveley - October 15, 2014
Equestrian denim and velvet

A child’s birthday party brought me to a horse ranch last weekend. So what do you wear to a horse ranch?  Hmmm… Shucks, my leather chaps are at the cleaners. {just kidding folks} But in all seriousness, I was so bummed that the one chance I get to wear my leather riding boots actually RIDING… they are boxed up in storage. Ugh! Having 1/2 my closet …

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WR Shape Series – Straight up

Tammy Hiveley - March 27, 2014

Welcome back to the WR Shape Series.  Today we are focusing our attention on the Straight {rectangle, banana, ruler, I shape, tubular} body shape. Like Cameron Diaz, Kate Moss, Kate Hudson and Gwyneth Paltrow, my good friend Amanda Wetzell doesn’t have a hard time finding things that look stunning on her. Amanda is what most people call ‘Lucky’!  Runway models are categorized as tall rulers. …

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The More The Merrier

Cate Mezyk - January 15, 2014

And then there was that day that I wore about 10,000 patterns all at the same time. Polka dots, leopard print with studs, stripes, and if you unfolded the scarf – hangers. But by keeping all the patterns relatively simple, and making sure they all had one color tying them together (in this case, black), it works. Right? Or else I just walked around all …

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Work it out

Cate Mezyk - April 11, 2011

Let’s be honest, most of us don’t love going to the gym. Sure, there are those celebrities who say they do, but I’m pretty sure they’re lying. I, for one, have a million better ways I could spend my days than hanging out on the treadmill. However, I have friends willing to meet me there, kids that love the childcare center, monetary incentive (if I …

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