Pour Some Sugar On Me

Cate Mezyk - April 7, 2015
Flatforms by Tori Burch

My son, Davis, at the ripe old age of six, has become a big time lover of music. Both of my girls like music, and can often be heard singing along to the radio. But he really LOVES it. More specifically, he really loves rock music from yesteryear. (ok, I just crazy aged myself by using the word yesteryear, but anyhoo…) Def Leppard? He digs …

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Going For a Romp

Cate Mezyk - June 10, 2014

I’m so glad that rompers are back in. They are my favorite. I have a black one that I lived in a couple years ago (I even wore it during the winter with tights). And I recently acquired this teal one at my last swap that may just end up in my outfit posts every week because I have no plans to take it off …

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